Tyga Caught With His Dick Out!

Tyga is caught in another scanndal as if dating a underage girl, and beef with label mates don’t already have his hands full now he is in the headlines once more but this time for showing his ass. On the internet naked pictures of cali rapper has surfaced but the story gets deep (plot twist) he is also accused of sending thees naked photos to a transgender model named Mia Isabella. Tyga and attorneys feel like some one has a personal vendetta against tyga and is trying to ruin his public image. There is already rumors floating in the universe that cali rapper is cheating on his under age girlly kylie Jenner with the trans-gender model and shows some alleged freaky freaky text exchanges between the two. Tyga has not responded to the claims just a post of twitter the states that the devil is working hard!
What you think you think Tyga in to that freaky freaky ish? Sound off in your comments
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